Kibuye Project overview

AASU’s first community project is focusing on the village of Kibuye in North Eastern Kamuli, on the shores of the Victoria Nile. Kibuye has an estimated population of 60,000 people and is spread over 27 by 35km. The majority of the population is highly dependent on subsistence farming and barter trade within village in order to survive.

Before the project began, Kibuye was dependent upon one borehole for safe drinking water. Due to long lines when collecting water many have been choosing to fetch water from the river, which has caused illness through water born diseases. The village also only has one school, consisting of two classrooms accommodating roughly 600 children. The children that can’t walk the distance to the school simply don’t attend. The majority of children do not attend school, either due to distance or family circumstance, consequentially 80% of Ugandans over the age of 15 are illiterate.

So far within the Kibuye project AASU has been able to buy four acres of land at the East end of the village on which we have built a bore hole and are currently building classrooms for the Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School which is due to open for the start of the school year in February 2011.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Transition!

First of all, we want to thank each one of you out there for your unfailing love and support for Arise and Shine Uganda. A lot has been happening in AASU the past week; we would like to tell you about how your support is helping us grow every other day.
My heart  sings with joy, anxiousness and excitement   as I watch some of our children in transition!
Peninah and Joan got a sponsor from the Netherlands; they are now in Kibuye village attending school in the Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary school.  Education is such an important aspect of life, and while everyone else in the western world can have access to free education, In Uganda education is an opportunity!
 Many children go to bed at night praying to God for the opportunity to go to school. What an honor and privilege it is for Bulungi Uganda to be part of that far greater plan and be an answer to some children’s prayers. Peninah and Joan can now get an education and enjoy the benefits that come with it in the future.
Last Monday they were taken to the village and reunited with their family. It was such a special moment. Very happy to see their older siblings, their mom and of course after telling them about the plan for their stay in the village, I got a question.
new friends!

 “Shall we then be able to wear our uniforms and shoes and a back pack to go to school every day? “Joan asked. It was cute! She needed reassurance.
Am excited for them, looking forward to see how they do in school, even with the widest vision what they will be in life. I just wish them all the best.

Niina and Sari are also in transition, their adopting parents are here and living with them at the moment. Getting used to a new family has never been such an easy thing especially for a two year old. But God is faithful; I trust that they are well. This is our first adoption and I have to say adoptions are not easy and of course no one said it would be a rollercoaster. Especially doing it for the first time, under the guidance of many people, rushing you to do many different things in such a short time and finding out they are  driving you in the wrong direction and such things are not even necessary after so much hard work! We have met our challenges and still pray for the best. God is faithful. We are looking forward to spending more time with the adopting parents here at the children’s care home and we are praying that all goes well with the adoption. What an honor and privilege it is for this family to be God’s answer to a child’s prayer! Niina and Sari will have a home with a loving mother and father! 

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