Kibuye Project overview

AASU’s first community project is focusing on the village of Kibuye in North Eastern Kamuli, on the shores of the Victoria Nile. Kibuye has an estimated population of 60,000 people and is spread over 27 by 35km. The majority of the population is highly dependent on subsistence farming and barter trade within village in order to survive.

Before the project began, Kibuye was dependent upon one borehole for safe drinking water. Due to long lines when collecting water many have been choosing to fetch water from the river, which has caused illness through water born diseases. The village also only has one school, consisting of two classrooms accommodating roughly 600 children. The children that can’t walk the distance to the school simply don’t attend. The majority of children do not attend school, either due to distance or family circumstance, consequentially 80% of Ugandans over the age of 15 are illiterate.

So far within the Kibuye project AASU has been able to buy four acres of land at the East end of the village on which we have built a bore hole and are currently building classrooms for the Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School which is due to open for the start of the school year in February 2011.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greetings from Arise and Shine Uganda!

To all our friends and well wishers, we know it has been long since you last heard from us! A lot has been going on down here and we would like to tell you about what we have been up to regardless of the silence.

The director and founder of Arise and shine Uganda is on a fundraising trip in Europe, trying to sell some of the products that our ladies make in the community outreach project of AASU.We will be hearing more about it as she sends us the updates on her progress and when we do, we will surely keep everyone posted on it.

Other than that, a lot has been happening at the organization at the moment. We are welcoming four different volunteers from the Netherlands. They will be helping on the income generating activities in the village as most of the volunteers we had in the last month are leaving. Some of the volunteers are more interested in helping at the children’s care home as they have expert knowledge in that but we will be able to talk about their responsibilities in detail in a couple of weeks from now.For more photos of Arise and shine please follow the picasa link below:

 Alex Cabon who came in as a consultant for AASU also on a voluntary basis has finished his work with us. It was so sad to see him leave, but on the other hand he has done so much good for us that we will only leave to be thankful for his work. We will surely miss him but again, we will cherish the knowledge he has instilled in us. Without him, AASU wouldn’t have been the same.

More on the update, Friday 21/Oct/2011 was a day out for the children at the Arise and Shine children’s care home as well as a general cleaning for the workers in the home.
After breakfast, children were prepared and went together with the new volunteers at St Nicholas field a primary school nearby the babies’ home.

The children were so very excited to learn that they were having a day out! On their way to the field, they saw monkeys and on reaching the field, they spent half of their day merrymaking. It was such a fun day! Kids flew kites, played football and lots of other various games.
At around mid-day, some of the children were already exhausted from the too much running around and playing so they were brought back home and had their lunch.

As soon as children finished eating, Uncle Alex (consultant volunteer) gave them candies as a way of saying good bye. They received them with a lot of excitement and soon after that they had a nap. What a surprise! As candy usually makes them hyper. After nap time, they were up playing football with Uncle Alex and by the end of the day they were all very tired from the tedious day.

On the other hand, the cleaning went well at the baby house. First, we had all mattresses taken outside under the sun before cleaning commenced. At the home, we had three volunteers stay behind to help with the cleaning.
The cleaning commenced at around 10:00am and went on till mid-day. We had all beds scrubbed clean plus all the toilets and walls. And after that, we had all baby chairs taken out and were as well cleaned.
After we had children back at the home and were so excited to get home everything so clean.

Good bye baby puke…..good bye little dirty fingure prints on walls….good bye food stains on dinner tables….Hello clean house!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know we have a you tube account now? You can watch all our cool videos on there now! Just follow the link below to see some of the work we have been doing!

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We will be coming up with more updates at the end of the week. Keep

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