Kibuye Project overview

AASU’s first community project is focusing on the village of Kibuye in North Eastern Kamuli, on the shores of the Victoria Nile. Kibuye has an estimated population of 60,000 people and is spread over 27 by 35km. The majority of the population is highly dependent on subsistence farming and barter trade within village in order to survive.

Before the project began, Kibuye was dependent upon one borehole for safe drinking water. Due to long lines when collecting water many have been choosing to fetch water from the river, which has caused illness through water born diseases. The village also only has one school, consisting of two classrooms accommodating roughly 600 children. The children that can’t walk the distance to the school simply don’t attend. The majority of children do not attend school, either due to distance or family circumstance, consequentially 80% of Ugandans over the age of 15 are illiterate.

So far within the Kibuye project AASU has been able to buy four acres of land at the East end of the village on which we have built a bore hole and are currently building classrooms for the Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School which is due to open for the start of the school year in February 2011.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What some of our new volunteers think of the village!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hi, I am Yukari, a new volunteer from Japan. I have just arrived here and had an introduction week in the Arise and shine Uganda. This is about my first experience of visiting Kibuye village.
                        This Tuesday I went to the village where Arise and Shine conducts several projects. It was a really long way. First we took a taxi from Jinja town to Kamuli town for two hours, and we had to take the motorcycle called boda-boda for around 30minutes from the town to the village. Although we have “villages” in Japan, they can never be the same as Kibuya. There is no electricity, no running water. So it will be a great experience for me to join the projects here!    
The primary school in the village is going to be closed for holiday soon, but we fortunately could meet children of the school before that. They had a sports day on that day and all the students were in the ground. When we got there, children were running toward to welcome us, and they showed us their dance. I was really amazed that how good they could dance for their ages.  
It was just a one-day trip, so there must be a lot to see and many people to meet. I am really looking forward to meeting them and working together as a member of the Arise and shine!!

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