Kibuye Project overview

AASU’s first community project is focusing on the village of Kibuye in North Eastern Kamuli, on the shores of the Victoria Nile. Kibuye has an estimated population of 60,000 people and is spread over 27 by 35km. The majority of the population is highly dependent on subsistence farming and barter trade within village in order to survive.

Before the project began, Kibuye was dependent upon one borehole for safe drinking water. Due to long lines when collecting water many have been choosing to fetch water from the river, which has caused illness through water born diseases. The village also only has one school, consisting of two classrooms accommodating roughly 600 children. The children that can’t walk the distance to the school simply don’t attend. The majority of children do not attend school, either due to distance or family circumstance, consequentially 80% of Ugandans over the age of 15 are illiterate.

So far within the Kibuye project AASU has been able to buy four acres of land at the East end of the village on which we have built a bore hole and are currently building classrooms for the Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School which is due to open for the start of the school year in February 2011.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iPad Raffle and Matching Funds!!

Do you want to help Arise and Shine Uganda continue to serve the people of Jinja and Kibuye?

Do you want a new iPad?

Do you like magically turning $1 into $2?

If these apply to you then today is your lucky day!!

AASU is launching a raffle for an iPad and all the funds raised by "selling" tickets go directly to support our work on the ground in Uganda. 

The best part is that a private donor has offered to match every dollar raised up to $3,000! That means that each dollar given is doubled by this matching gift!!

Here is how it works:

1)  Go to and decide how many tickets you want to "purchase." Each ticket equals one entry into the drawing. Add it to your cart and make your donation!

2) Share this blog post or the Raffle Store link via email, Facebook and Twitter with all your friends to help us meet the match of $3,000.

3) Every ticket will be assigned a number in order of purchase. 

4) The raffle ends on Wednesday August 15th at 10 am EST. We will use to generate a true random winner from all the entries.  We will announce the winner by the end of the day and the iPad will be shipped to the lucky supporter of AASU!

Every dollar donated to the raffle will make a huge difference in the lives of our people. We work hard to make every penny count so we can serve the most people most effectively.

In 2010, Arise and Shine Uganda was founded with the goal of using education to transform the lives of vulnerable children and adults throughout the districts of Jinja and Kamuli in Uganda.

AASU uses a four-part approach to bring about sustainable community development:
1.) Income Generating Projects
            -The Beads Project
            -The Candle Project
            -The Tailoring Project
            -The Farming Sessions
2.) Adult Education and Outreach
            -Adult Literacy
            -Sexual and Reproductive Health
3.) Kibuye Village School
-Offering nursery and primary education to over 200 boys and girls and community development and education courses to local adults
4.) Jinja Babies’ Home
- Employing 15 caregivers and providing love, shelter, nourishment, medical care, and education to up to 40 children at any given time. The home works diligently to restore the children back to their families or to find local foster families when reunification is not an option.

Under the faithful oversight of Sharon and our team, these programs are successfully working together to improve the standard of living for vulnerable community members in Jinja and Kamuli.

The scope and reach of AASU is continually increasing as we seek to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people in our community. 

We need you to help us continue our work. Buy some tickets and spread the word!!!!!!

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